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Vision Care Programs

NVA's Benevision® vision care programs are custom-designed specifically to address the needs of our clients (plan sponsors). Exceeding the expectations of plan sponsors and their subscribers is our top priority.

Millions of subscribers are covered under vision programs managed by NVA throughout the United States. NVA is not a subsidiary or affiliate of a retail chain, health plan or materials manufacturer. As a result, our only agenda is to bring high-quality vision services to our plan sponsors and their subscribers.

Our relationships with our plan sponsors are long-term, some over 25 years. Our 99% client retention rate speaks well of our ability to deliver on our service commitments.

To learn more about NVA's Benevision® Vision Care programs, please select from the following:

Why Eye Care Benefits?
Flexible Benefit Options
Multiple Funding Arrangements
Provider Networks
Outstanding Service
Quality Assurance
Contact Lens Replacement Service
Disease Management Program

Benevision® is a registered mark of Benecard Services, Inc.

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