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Eyecare Professional Benefits

The benefits of web registration for Participating Eyecare Professionals

If you are already a participating eyecare professional, this web site can greatly simplify how you do business with NVA. Once registered online, a participating eyecare professional will be able to:

  • View subscriber eligibility for services
  • Access plan design information
  • Request authorizations for those members who are eligible
  • Submit claims electronically
  • View your claims payment history

If you are a participating eyecare professional and you would like to access the benefits of the web site, please select Eyecare Professional Registration.

Why Enroll?

If you are not an NVA Eyecare Professional and would like to become one, please select New Eyecare Professional Enrollment or for more information see the Benefits of Enrolling. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Find out more about NVA's national panel of eyecare professionals or the benefits of joining our network by e-mailing to providers@e-nva.com or calling 888-682-2020 to speak with our Network Support Department. You can also obtain more information about NVA Vision Care programs here by selecting from the following options:

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