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Submitting a Request for Proposal to National Vision Administrators, L.L.C. (NVA)

To receive a competitive vision quote, simply provide the following information (if available) to sales@e-nva.com:

  • Insured
  • Self-Funded

  • Voluntary (min. 10 enrolled)
  • Non-voluntary
  • Mixed

Type of Vision Product
  • Full Service - Exam and Materials
  • Materials only
  • Exam only (EYEESSENTIAL PLUS® Plan)
  • Discount only (EYEESSENTIAL® Plan)

Group-Specific Data
  • Contract situs and effective date
  • Number of eligible employees
  • Existing plan design (including rates)

Plan Design Request (Include Plan Design)
  • Match current plan design
  • Benefit frequencies and copayments
  • Frame and Contact lens allowances
  • Rate structure (2-tier, 3-tier, 4-tier, composite, etc.)
  • Broker commission

Delivery Instructions
  • Proposal due date
  • Electronic or hard copy

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